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Patent protected in:


Patent no.: AU 2013316153 B9, jun 2017

Patent no.: AU 2014284756, jan 2018


Patent no.: CN 104822887 B, nov 2016

Patent no.: ZL201480038062.X, aug 2017


Patent no.: JP 6240675, nov 2017

Patent no.: JP 6449868, dec 2018

New Zealand

Patent no.: NZ 706454, jul 2017

Russian Federation

Patent no.: EP 029530, jun 2018

Patent no.: 034179, jan 2020


Patent no.: SE 538 843 C2, dec 2016

Patent no.: SE 539 162 C2, apr 2017

Patent no.: SE 539 746 C2, nov 2017

United States of America

Patent no.: US 9,359,764 B2, jun 2016

Patent no.: US 10,246,878, apr 2019

Patent pending:

Australia, Canada, China, EPO, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Republic of Korea, Sweden

Patent Agency:


Speedies is a registred and protected trademark in:

Canada, registered trademark with No.: 976989

EU, registered trademark with No.: 012491163

Madrid protocol (Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russian Federation), registered trademark with No.: 1252808

Norway, registered trademark with No.: 275820

Sweden, registered trademark with No.: 512667

United States of America, registered trademark with No.: 5331889


Design Patent:


Design patent no.: 003377571-0001

Design patent no.: 003377571-0002