About Speedies®

A new concept for spacing reinforcing mesh. Provides support regardless positions.

Fast, ergonomic, cost efficient and environmental approved.

May be deployed manual and/or automatic.

Speedies® - foundation

Flat feet for soft and uneven surfaces like gravel, insulation or foil.

Speedies® - ceiling

Pointed feet for hard surfaces and low visibility in the concrete surfaces.

Speedies® - drop stick

A quick release holder for deploying Speedies® spacers.

Stick length adapted to 50 spacers (1 package).


“An apparently simple product that has made a major breakthrough in a conservative industry. The program raises efficiency, improves the working environment and contributes to better profitability”.

This was the motivation for the 2014 SKAPA award to Speedies®, an innovation award in memory of Alfred Nobel and one of several awards to and recognitions of the Speedies concept.

But more important for us is what users say:
“The best I have ever seen”
“So simple”